Open Source Multi-User Bittorrent Web UI

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Note: OpenSeedbox is intended only for developers at this time! It does not have an install process that a typical user will find easy to follow. By all means give it a go if you're keen though


OpenSeedbox is essentially a BitTorrent seedbox platform. It was created to solve the following problems while downloading torrents:


OpenSeedbox has a frontend node (called the client) that farms out requests to as many backend nodes as you like (called servers). The client holds all the state and the backend nodes are just dumb torrent downloading machines.

OpenSeedbox is based on the following open source projects:


Installation is covered in the README file here.



OpenSeedbox is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3. I originally created it for my flatemates and myself to use, but I decided to release it as open source because I thought that other people might benefit from it too.